The Mermaid and the Sailor is the third novel of the literary trilogy Glamour Galore written by Iory Allison. It is set in Provincetown, that preeminent gay resort at the tip of Cape Cod. Iory’s story is a vibrant gay romance drenching the sea splashed landscape with all the diverse colors of the rainbow people. In the midst of love’s labors - lost and found, the curtain goes up on Lilly Linda Le Strange’s new show, The Mermaid and the Sailor. The Glamour Gang, Lilly’s troupe of sexy thespians, kick up their collective heels so high that they punch a hole in the night sky, setting free a galaxy of shooting stars that come to roost in the hearts of all who dare to wish for true love.

(c) 2004-2010 Iory Allison
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