In search of the Mermaid characters

Gyles Chilton = young antique dealer from an old Boston family, Val’s lover

Val = dancer in Glamour Galore Productions, Yellow Ducky pedi-cab operator, Gyles lover

Jerry = Gyles personal trainer, confidant, confessor

Cornelia Chilton = interior designer, Gyles sister, lipstick dike on the prowl in Ptown

Harriet Benchley = erotic Lesbian author, Cornelia’s date

Bezee = bull dike cab driver of Queen City Cab

Irene = buffed Captain of the Boadicean Bombers-lesbian volleyball team

Rosalind Worthely = high society beauty, Al’s wife, mother of Janey and Georgie, old school chum of Cornelia’s

Lilly Linda Le Strange = Diva Extraordinaire, producer, director and star of Glamour Galore Productions

Albert Mellenoffsky = AKA Lilly Linda Le Strange, Marine combat nurse in Viet Nam, Rosalind’s husband

Janey and Georgie = Rosalind’s adopted kids from Viet Nam

Julian Carstairs = man on the horse, Broadway director, married man flirting with Rosalind

Betty the Bounder = Lilly’s dresser and side kick, senior citizen of drag and hopeless slosh head

Urna Flamanté = Lilly’s mentor fallen on hard times, unwilling girlfriend of Scarface Malone

Scarface Malone = Gangster owner of the yacht, “Pirate’s Curse,” sex addict obsessed with Urna Flamanté

Monique La Farge = dazzling showgirl, owner of a 1938 Packard limousine, model for Priscilla of Boston -bridal boutique

Butch = Monique’s muscle man boyfriend and chauffeur, Betty the Bounder’s A A sponsor

Sister Scena Finale = Glamour Galore choreographer, Sister of Perpetual Indulgence with bushy beard and wimple

Freckles & Cow Lick = Ptown twinks

Linda Marky = much harassed Glamour Galore stage manager, pretty lesbian with good business sense

Gary Gardenia = ex gay activist-“Ninja Fringer,” aspiring chorus boy for Mermaid, has a wicked crush on Val

Horrible Herman = homeless trash picker and general sleaze bag, plays “Albertina” the dreaded dwarf in Mermaid

Madame Sonia = fortune teller at Mystic Messages Tarot Parlor in Ptown

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