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The Mermaid and the Sailor: Book Three of the Glamour Galore Trilogy

Darling Glamourites, Lilly Linda Le Strange has paddled off to Provincetown with her talented troupe of hoofers, the Glamour Gang, their camp followers and hangers-on. One month into her sojourn in Sodom by the Sea, La Diva was arrested and thrown in the hoosegow for shooting a cormorant on the breakwater in Ptown Harbor. She did not go easy. For years I have been threatening to finish the Glamour Galore Trilogy with a romance story and here it is, The Mermaid and the Sailor! But after the above opening remarks, you may be asking yourselves, “what does that have to do with romance?” Well, wait until you read chapter 14, Sex on the Beach is not just a Cocktail, That’ll get you going. Although sometimes a smooch or a roll in the hay may happen in a flash - even without introductions, true love takes a lot of maneuvering. So I’m giving you forty-seven chapters of heartfelt hoopla before anyone even thinks about church bells. After that get out your hankies because the happy ending is bound to make you cry. Here is your chance to pick up a sizzling chanteuse and make her sing. Read all about it in The Mermaid and the Sailor.

ISBN 978-1-4502-2717-9 (Paperback) ISBN 978-1-4502-2717-3 (E-Book)
ISBN 978-1-4502-2717-9 (Hardcover)

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Naughty Astronautess: Book Two of the Glamour Galore Trilogy

Yes, darling Glamourites the day has come! The Naughty Astronautess has blasted off her launching pad headed for outer space. Lilly Linda Le Strange has outdone herself in Naughty Astronautess, the second book of the Glamour Galore series with 51 fun packed chapters of utter madness. From the first, “Goddess of Glamour” to the last, “A Shooting Star Goes Kerplop” our Diva cavorts with the rabble and the swells in an effort to rocket off the planet and into your hearts. So hop aboard the Twinkle Star Ship and read all about it!

ISBN 978-0-595-47804-0 (Paperback)


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The Family Jewels: Book One of the Glamour Galore Trilogy

The Family Jewels is a gay comedic mystery novel set in Boston. The characters incorporate all strata of society from sparkling glitterati drag performers at the "Club Crazy" to staid old Boston families of Beacon Hill. The Story see-saws between the absurdly comic and the horrific, pumping the story with the energy of many unanswered questions. This leads to a climax enacted in the bowels of the earth inside an Egyptian tomb that absorbs the lives of those who dare to violate that sanctuary of gloom.

ISBN 978-0-5953-3025-6 (Paperback)

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