Mermaid Synopsis

The Mermaid and the Sailor is a romantic romp set in Provincetown, that El Dorado of Gaydom where true love can be as elusive as fabled gold. However, the dream of hitting the Mother Lode of adoration and hot sex keeps all concerned on the prowl looking for the perfect mate - some even straining their ears for wedding bells. Woven into and entangled by all these emotional machinations our familiar troupe of thespians, The Glamour Gang, are attempting to create and perform their latest theatrical hallucination, The Mermaid and the Sailor. This rehash of Wagner’s Ring Cycle adds super spice to super heroes who bring down the house when a forty-eight ton yacht, The Pirate’s Curse, crashes into the back stage of the Keel and Rudder night club where Mermaid is playing.
(c) 2004-2010 Iory Allison
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