The Glamour Galore Trilogy

Glamour is a Celtic-Scottish word originally meaning to cast a spell.

The Glamour Galore Trilogy is a literary saga that takes place in the extended present in the Boston vicinity with excursions to Aruba and Provincetown. These three Gay novels are escapist froth intended to make you laugh while you ponder the human condition. All three books are connected by a cast of colorful individuals drawn from many different walks of life; from the theatrical world of drag performers to the staid confines of old Boston families. The characters develop in depth as their dramas unfold throughout the books, revealing hidden secrets that refuse to stay buried.  These individuals come together and sometimes collide in dramas spiced with histrionics and tangled by emotional conflicts that require reluctant soul searching.  

The first novel, The Family Jewels, is a mysterious treasure hunt searching for an exotic ensemble of Egyptianesque jewelry that has gone missing. The story see-saws between the absurdly comic worlds of glitter drenched Drag Queens at The Club Crazy and the arcane ambitions of the Chilton clan of Boston Brahmins who lust after an immortality of Egyptian grandeur. These dynamic opposites compel the characters towards a climax enacted in the secret “Sibuna” tomb at Mount Auburn Cemetery where the lives of all those who dare to violate that sanctuary of gloom teeter on the brink of doom. 

The second novel in the series, Naughty Astronautess, chronicles the first Drag Queen astronaut, Lilly Linda Le Strange, who for years has gone way beyond the confines of gravity in her relentless pursuit of stardom. La Diva does eventually blast off, from an unlikely launching pad at the Fenway Rose Garden where Muriel Brunelleschi, the mayor’s wife, is hosting her annual garden party. Diva Le Strange is fueled by an overabundance of Chutzpa which unfortunately fizzles out when her Twinkle Star Ship goes kerplop into the Muddy River.

The Glamour saga concludes with The Mermaid and the Sailor. This romantic romp is set in Provincetown, that El Dorado of Gaydom where true love can be as elusive as fabled gold. However, the dream of hitting the Mother Lode of adoration and hot sex keeps all concerned on the prowl looking for the perfect mate - some even straining their ears for wedding bells. Woven into and entangled by all these emotional machinations, our familiar troupe of thespians, The Glamour Gang, are attempting to create and perform their latest theatrical hallucination, The Mermaid and the Sailor. This rehash of Wagner’s Ring Cycle adds super spice to super heroes who bring down the house when a forty-eight ton yacht, The Pirate’s Curse, crashes into the back stage of the Keel and Rudder night club where Mermaid is playing.

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